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Every home or community has its own feature to boot. Camella Abraza has the same number of facilities and amenities that would not just delight its residents, but also make sure that they live comfortably, conveniently, and in style.

Camella Abraza has the basic amenities that are needed to make a house feel like a home. Every unit is built to last, and it can be transformed into a well-appointed home with the right furniture and personal stuff. Every single one of the units at Camella Abraza is spacious enough to fit a family of four.

It has a dining area that can seat six people at the very least, leaving two for possible guests. The kitchen comes with a sink and countertop, which means that it is readily functional to prepare your meals once you move in. Completing the room downstairs is the living room, where you can relax and watch TV or spend some quality time with the rest of your family. Upstairs, you have the two bedrooms where you can take a good night’s sleep every single day.

Outside the vicinity of the Camella Abraza is a basketball court where you can play a good game with your friends or some of your neighbors. It is also a great place to teach kids how to play ball. So flexing your muscles or getting sweaty and living amidst an open community goes very well together.

Camella Abraza has well-paved concrete roads for the benefit of the residents, especially those who own vehicles. Well-paved roads are all around the gated property development, and there are fences all around. Securing the perimeters keeps outsiders from inviting themselves in.

Not a few feet away from the gate, is the Camella Abraza clubhouse. It is the central area where homeowners could come together for a meeting or to celebrate a special occasion. The clubhouse is also where the office is, just in case the homeowners need help with anything.

Aside from the impressive grand entrance of Camella Abraza, there are also playgrounds for the kids. Weekends need not be boring or expensive any longer. Here, you will get the same quality time with your children without having to go through the noise of a congested mall or the clutter of a public park.

There is a bounty of landscaped parks and gardens in all of Camella Abraza. Aside from taking your kids there, these are places where you can always retreat to in case you wanted to get some fresh air, think alone, or just hide from the hustle and bustles of the city life.

Lastly, there are jogging paths everywhere. Keeping yourself fit all year round need not be troublesome anymore. No need for an expensive gym membership either. Everything you and your family need to stay fit and strong is just right in your midst.

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